Rising He Justified, Freely forever...

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Rising He Justified, Freely Forever is a line from the song "One Day" originally penned by John Wilbur Chapman of Richmond Indiana in 1910. The song is often referred to as "One day when heaven was filled with His praises".

The song is a classic, sung in Christian churches around the world but in recent years has been adapted to a very popular contemporary worship song, recorded by the group Casting Crowns. That song is often referred to as "Glorious Day (Living he loved me)"

The words are of incredibly deep meaning to Christians. In five words Chapman was able to crystallize the victory that is the resurrection of Christ. The song is a masterpiece of writing with choral refrains like "Living He loved me, dying He saved me" and "Buried he carried, my sins far away" and five verses that chart the journey of Jesus from the prince of Heaven, to earth, his death, resurrection and coming return.

The Artwork

This beautiful and inspirational piece shows the sun setting behind the middle of three crosses, illuminating the hillside on which they stand. The sky is blue above is and the horizon glows orange and red. The crosses are a mere silhouette as is the ground below them.

Just below this scene are found the words; "Rising he justified, Freely forever..."

It is available in color, black and white and sepia tone and in several frame variations. 

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